BIOL 222 Cell and Molecular Biology

Syllabus Winter 2018

Useful Molecular Biology Links:

Mastering Bio (online text supplement with practice exams, videos, and animations) - very useful!
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NDSU Cell and Molecular Biology Animations
Inner Workings of a Cell - Animation
Crash Course - Biology

Study tips:

Lecture Links (Lectures in notes format.  See Canvas for full ppt files)
Ch 2 Chemistry
Ch 2 Water
Ch 2 Carbon

Ch 3 Protein Structure and Function (Intro to Macromolecules)
Ch 4 Nucleic Acids
Ch 5 Carbohydrates
Ch 6 Lipids

Ch 6 Cell Membrane Ch 7 Inside the Cell
Ch 8 Metabolism and Energy
Ch 9 Cellular Respiration part 1
Ch 9 Cellular Respiration part 2

Ch 15 DNA and the Gene: Synthesis and Repair (DNA Replication)
Ch 17 Transcription, RNA Processing, and Translation (Protein Synthesis)
Ch 18 Control of Gene Expression in Bacteria

Ch 19 Control of DNA Expression in Eukaryotes

Ch 20 Biotechnology

Lab Links
PBS Documentary: DNA (below)
Biological Identifications Through DNA Barcodes
Intro to DNA and Molecular Biology Techniques

Scientific Method Lecture
Intro to Lab Notebook
Scientific American Article - Your Microbiome Community
New PNW pathogenic fungus - Cryptococcus gattii
GeneRuler DNA Ladder
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Animation
DNA Sequencing Animation
DNA Sequencing App (link to it)
Transcription and Translation
Transcription and Translation Answer Key
Bioinformatics and Sequence Analysis
Barcoding Bioinformatics
Finch tv - DNA Sequence Analysis Tool
Human Family Tree (National Geographic "Genographic" Project) - Video
NOVA Cracking the Code - Video