BIOL 221 Ecology and Evolution

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Syllabus Fall 2017

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Lecture Links
Ch 12 Mitosis and the Cell Cycle
Ch 13 Meiosis
Ch 14 Mendelian Genetics
Ch 15 Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance

Mitosis/Meiosis/Inheritance Practice Worksheets

Ch 23 Evolution
Ch 24 Speciation

Ch 26 Phylogeny

Ch 29 Plant Diversity
Ch 32 Animal Diversity

Ch 51 Animal Behavior part 1
Ch 51 Animal Behavior part 2
Ch 53 Population Ecology
Ch 54 Community Ecology part 1
Ch 54 Community Ecology part 2

Laboratory Materials
Gametogenesis Histology (I will provide)
Population Genetics I - Hardy-Weinberg
Gastropod Survey Protocol
Leonard & Ovaska 2002 Malone Jumping Slug
Slug Resources:
Setting up and using GPS in the field
Identification Resources
Instructions for Gastropod Field Data Sheet
Gastropod Field Data Sheet
Things to do before and after your field survey

Lab 5 Biodiversity Lecture
Lab 5 Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Directions
Lab 7/8 Plant and Animal Diversity

Lab 9 Animal Behavior
Lab 10 Terrestrial Ecology
Population Ecology Lab