BIOL 221 Ecology and Evolution

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Syllabus Fall 2017

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Lecture Links
Ch 12 Mitosis and the Cell Cycle
Ch 13 Meiosis
Ch 14 Mendelian Genetics
Ch 15 Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance

Mitosis/Meiosis/Inheritance Practice Worksheets

Ch 23 Evolution
Ch 24 Speciation

Ch 26 Phylogeny

Ch 29 Plant Diversity
Ch 32 Animal Diversity

Ch 51 Animal Behavior part 1
Ch 51 Animal Behavior part 2
Ch 53 Population Ecology
Ch 54 Community Ecology part 1
Ch 54 Community Ecology part 2

Laboratory Materials
Gametogenesis Histology (I will provide)

Gastropod Research Project:
Gastropod Survey Protocol
Leonard & Ovaska 2002 Malone Jumping Slug

Gastropod Field Data Sheet
Instructions for Gastropod Field Data Sheet
Setting up and using GPS in the field
Things to do before and after your field survey
Field Site Directions:

Slug Resources:
Identification Resources

Lab 5 Biodiversity Lecture
Lab 5 Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Directions
Lab 7/8 Plant and Animal Diversity

Lab 9 Animal Behavior
Lab 10 Terrestrial Ecology
Population Ecology Lab